Workplace accident claims

Workplace accident claims

Our job is to establish to what extent your employer is responsible for your work place accident

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Work place claims

Employer duty of care

When representing someone involved in a workplace accident, it is important to establish whether the employee received correct and up to date training on how to carry out his or her role in a safe way.  It is also necessary to understand what, if any, personal protective equipment (PPE) was provided and whether it was to a standard to provide the correct level of protection.  Machinery and work equipment should also have been properly maintained. It is our job to carry out checks to ensure all the relevant workplace regulations were followed correctly.  Analysis of all this information will help us find out who is likely to be found responsible for the accident.

“Accidents happen in the work place every day. With our 20 years of experience in this field, we understand work place accident claims and will work hard to secure you maximum compensation for your injuries and losses.”

Russell Sutton, Serious Injury Solicitor and Senior Partner

Work place compensation solicitors

We are experienced in dealing with accidents in the work place

If you or someone you know has been involved in an accident at work, it would be helpful if you could gather as much information about the accident as possible, such as who was involved, where it took place and who it was reported to.  The names of any witnesses should be recorded and it is also important to know if the Heath and Safety Executive has been involved.  Photographic evidence is always helpful too, such as photographs of any machinery that was involved or of the area surrounding the accident location.

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Our approach to work place accidents has been developed over the past 20 years


The most important part of any accident claim is establishing who was at fault and in a work place accident claim. This can be challenging if, for example, the accident was not reported at the time or was caused by another employee.

Understanding the details of your training history and experience in the job will be useful information.  It is also necessary for us to understand what Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) you were issued with by your employer and whether you were using it at the time the accident took place.

We usually begin our work place accident investigation by asking either you or your representative to collect and supply as much information possible.  We use that information when putting your case together.  We have years of experience in investigating work place accidents, so don’t worry if you don’t think that you will be able to provide all the information that we need from the outset. We will investigate all the circumstances of the accident and do the hard work for you, allowing you to concentrate on your recovery.

Funding for rehabilitation treatment

We understand that accidents in a workplace can lead to serious injuries. If you have been injured, compensation is probably the last thing on your mind and that the most pressing issues will be you immediate care needs and  making sure your everyday expenses continue to be paid while you recover.  We can immediately put together an application to secure funding for any rehabilitation or medical treatment that you may need. We work with well established and recognized  rehabilitation companies and regularly put together the most complex of care packages to suit the needs of our most seriously injured clients.  We will also apply for interim payments to cover your initial day to day expenses, where appropriate.

We will need to establish the specific details of your situation. We may ask some of the following;

  • How long have you been an employee of the company?
  • How much experience had you previously gathered in other jobs?
  • Were you wearing the correct PPE at the time of the accident?
  • Was there a HSE investigation after your accident?
  • Is there an accident book at your workplace and if so , was the incident logged?
  • Were your colleagues correctly trained employer?
  • Were you taken to the hospital?
  • Did you take time off work?
  • Did you receive any treatment?
  • Are you back at work?
  • Were you following company procedure at the time of the accident?
  • Was any of the machinery or equipment faulty?

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    We secured over 10 times what the insurers first offered

    We secured over £1.6 million in compensation for a seriously injured bricklayer

    In a recent case we acted for a man in his 30s who sustained a serious foot injury in an accident at work. Liability for the accident was disputed throughout the case. Our client developed major complications and infection in his foot and the evidence we obtained made it clear that a below the knee amputation was the only option available to him. Proceedings were issued in the High Court and settlement was reached, by negotiation, with gross damages being agreed at around £1.6 Million.

    Our personal injury solicitors put you first after an accident

    Partial amputation of foot after accident on a building site

    We acted for a male in his early forties who was involved in a very serious accident on a building site and as a result he sustained a partial amputation of his left forefoot. Liability was denied in full. Legal proceedings were issued and medical evidence was obtained which indicated that our client required an operation to amputate his foot through the ankle, to allow a suitable prosthetic limb to be worn. Two joint settlement meetings took place and the case was eventually settled at the second settlement meeting for £837,500 on a full liability basis, £237,500 more than that offered at the previous meeting.