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We understand the stress caused by serious injuries following any accident.

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Serious Injury Claims

Understanding your situation following your accident

A large part of representing someone who has sustained a serious injury involves understanding the circumstances of the accident and who was involved. We will listen to your concerns and how the accident has affected you and then begin to investigate who was responsible.  We can arrange medical treatment, interim payments, and rehabilitation, allowing you to recover and get back on your feet as soon as possible.

“Serious injuries can have a devastating impact on both you and your family. We understand your first main concern will be meeting your day to day expenses.”

Russell Sutton, Serious Injury Solicitor, and Senior Partner

Serious injury compensation specialists

We are very experienced in securing compensation following serious injuries

It may be that you or someone you know has been involved in a serious accident.   You  will need to ensure you have as much information to hand about who was involved in accident and what exactly happened, whether it be a public injury claim, workplace injury claim, road traffic accident claim, fatal accident claim or a motorcycle accident claim.

If you can, it would help if you could  put  together as much information as you can, including things such as helmet-cam or dash-cam  footage, locations of any CCTV or bus lane cameras (if applicable) and details of any witnesses.

Don’t worry if you can’t get all the details, contact us and we can help you establish the cause through further investigations.

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Specialists in serious injury

Our approach to serious injury claims has been developed over 20 years

A large part of serious accident claims is establishing what happened, who was at fault and what serious injuries were sustained. We have helped secure compensation for very serious injuries such as those that have resulted in amputations and brain injuries. We understand that you’re probably not thinking about compensation yet but you may well be entitled to compensation to help cover such things as future loss of earnings, future case costs and the cost of adaptations that may be needed to your home.


No serious injury claim will be the same, but like any other accident claim, we will need the basic information to help us understand what happened, where it happened and how it happened.

Getting you treatment or rehabilitation

We understand that compensation may be the last thing that you are thinking about. That’s why we provide extra help and support from the outset in order to help you get back to normal as soon as possible. We’ll immediately start to put together an application to secure funding for your rehabilitation or treatment. Once we are satisfied that you’re being looked after and are on the road to recovery we will begin to build your case to secure your serious injury compensation.

We will need to establish the specific details of your serious injury claim. We may ask some of the following;

  • What caused your serious injury?
  • How long were you in hospital for?
  • Were you taken to hospital in an ambulance immediately after your accident?
  • Are you still receiving treatment?
  • Were there any witnesses?
  • Did you obtain any witness details?
  • Did the police attend the scene of the accident?
  • Has there been a Health and Safety Executive investigation?

What our clients say

Our reputation for surpassing expectations is built upon working tirelessly to deliver great results for our clients.

Sometimes you just want to know

Use our eligibility calculator to see if you have a claim without making an enquiry

We understand that sometimes you just want to know if you have a claim or not and may not be ready to speak to someone about what happened. We’ve built our eligibility calculator to help you out. We don’t collect the details from this form unless you submit an enquiry and you’ll be able to get a good idea as to whether you have a claim or not from the result. Once you’ve completed the questions and got your result, regardless of the answer, you may want to speak to a professional who may offer further advice or routes to a successful claim. If that’s the case you can start your serious injury accident claim process today.

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    We secured over 30 times what the insurers offered

    How we secured compensation for a serious brain injury

    Russell Sutton, our Senior Partner, acted for a man in his late twenties after he was in a serious accident.  He sustained a traumatic brain injury and serious orthopedic injuries as a result of an accident in the workplace. Liability for the accident was admitted at an early stage and an offer of £30,000 made in full settlement of the claim before medical evidence was obtained. Russell and his team arranged for intensive rehabilitation to take place at a specialist residential center.

    Substantial interim payments were obtained to fund the treatment and to compensate  the client for his lost earnings as the extent of the injuries prevented his return to work. The matter was eventually settled before a trial for £1,000,000 on a global basis.

    Here's why we are better

    Serious workplace injury

    In another recent case, Russell acted for a man in his 30s who sustained a serious foot injury as a result of an accident at work. Liability for the accident was disputed throughout the case.

    The Claimant developed major complications and infection in his foot and the expert evidence obtained made it clear that a below the knee amputation was the only realistic option available in order to improve the his quality of life.

    Proceedings were issued in the High Court and settlement was eventually reached, by negotiation, with gross damages being agreed at around £1.6 Million.