Sports which will cause you the most injuries


Sport usually has connotations of team efforts, healthy competition and a great source of entertainment. Though it must be considered that many sports involve physical contact, others could even be considered borderline violent. So it’s no surprise that some lead to serious injuries and at times even fatalities.

Horse riding


Horse Riding is often a part of many people’s lives and there’s no doubt it’s a thrilling hobby.


Yet, what many people forget, is that horses are wild animals that have to to be broken in for us to actually ride them in the first place. Often paired with children and busy country roads, they’re huge animals that could flip at any time.


Jade South, 15 was crushed to death when the horse she was riding at her local equestrian centre somersaulted during a jump on a riding lesson. Despite wearing a helmet and body armour, when the horse fell on Jade, it’s sheer weight caused her to die almost immediately.




Gymnastics has its roots in assessing soldiers in the military for battle through its use of balance, strength, and control. It has progressed since to become an Olympic sport beloved by many. And though its renown as an elegant sport, it has its dark side.


Spinal and wrist fractures, ankle sprains and cartilage injury are just a few amongst the vast amount of injuries that you can sustain whilst taking part in this sport, as well as early onset arthritis.  


These injuries can eventually go on to ruin careers, as Scott Keswick- one of America’s most elite gymnasts, who competed during the 1992 Barcelona Olympics learnt. In 1995 he suffered a herniated disk after falling from a high bar and was never able to compete again.




Cycling has a multitude of benefits, it helps the environment, prevents heart disease and cancer, as well as lessening the financial strain of owning a vehicle.


It’s safe to say that other countries put the U.K to shame in terms how their roads and pathways accommodate cyclists.


Here, however, cycle lanes are sparse and road conflicts between cyclists and drivers are all too common. Over 15,500 people sustained injuries in the UK during 2016 whilst cycling as well as 100 fatalities.