Personal Injury Texts and Calls Top 82000 per hour

Before we begin, we think its necessary to let you know that we as a law firm and provider of personal injury legal services do not partake in cold calls or texts in order to gain new business.

New research has shown that in 2015 over 600 million personal injury related calls and over 117 million text messages were made to Britons last year.

Doing the math, this equates to nearly 2 million cold calls and texts per day; or even 1366 made every minute; from so called legal firms looking to gain new customers who’ve been involved in road traffic accidents with a view to seeking compensation.

A particular concern is the fact that a number of individuals appeared to being pressured into making fraudulent claims. An example given in the report by Aviva, involved a woman, who wished to remain anonymous, who was told following a road traffic accident that she could make a claim for her children’s discomfort against her husband’s (the driver) insurance. She was told the claim would not affect the husband’s premiums.

Once she’d realised what she had inadvertently found herself involved in, she tried to withdraw the claim, but was told she’d have to pay around £10,000 to do so as she had also been lied to about exit fees.

Aviva’s research also highlighted how cold calls from personal injury firms were being used to push individuals into making late claims unnaturally late, for example, it had found a 150% increase between 2011 and 2015 in the number of personal injury claims being submitted more than 300 days after the accident date.

Rob Townsend, claims director at Aviva, said: “We will continue to face this threat until the financial incentives at the heart of injury claims are removed.

“With these extra claims and costs removed, premiums would fall by an estimated £40-£50 per year.”