Gang On Trial for 41 Staged Crashes

A gang alleged to have been the masterminds behind 41 fake car accidents ranging from 2012 – 2013 have been put on trial at Nottingham Crown Court today.  Thegang habe been accused of running a ‘crash for cash’ conspiracy with prosecutors alleging that all 41 crashes were caused deliberately.

Simon Ash, prosecuting, said: “The prosecution’s case relates to 41 collisions that led to claims for vehicle damage, personal injury or claims for storage and recovery costs…We say the collisions were caused deliberately and caused innocent third parties to crash.”

He went on to explain how the gang would stage the crashes involving innocent road users:

“The method used was that two cars would drive in front of the target car.  The lead car would swerve suddenly, causing the second car to brake hard and the target car would then crash into the back of the second car. The innocent third party would always admit liability as they were the car that had driven into the back of the second car.”

He explained how the group had set up two claims management companies, with one in Horsley Woodhouse and the other in Heanor where they handled all the claims. The director and secretaries of the companies were brothers Darminder Singh Nagra and Davinder Singh Nagra.

The court heard how a high percentage of the victims the gang targeted were either elderly or lone women.

Those on trial are Adeel Aziz, 27, of Colwyn Avenue, Normanton; Tusaf Ahmed, 32, also of Colwyn Avenue, Normanton; Darminder Singh Nagra, 47, of Gregory’s Way, Belper; Davinder Singh Nagra, 40, of Arkwright Avenue, Belper; Adam Stark, 26, of Trenton Drive, Long Eaton and Arsalaan Hussain, 28, of New Street, Brierley, Bradford.