Family fun places to cause the most injuries.

Considering what can often seem like the endless downpour of rain we experience in the UK, sniffing out things to do inside is almost like a second nature to most of us. However, if you look past the family fun facade you’ll see that these places pose more of a danger than you might think.

Trampoline Parks
Trampoline parks are usually marketed as a place where all ages can join in and have a good time. However, it is in fact somewhere people can sustain serious injuries, the culprit of most injuries are failed landing and there are many contributing situational factors. These include
These include hyperactive children colliding into each other, as well as somersaults and tricks being performed by those with no experience under limited supervision.

However, on saying that, trampoline parks do take precautions, they come in the form of age restrictions, compulsory wearing of non-slip socks, and instructions on how to land safely.

Taking all of this into consideration, the public are still calling out for more regulations as the current ones in place aren’t doing enough. Something Sarah McManus 29 learnt when she visited ‘Tower Jump’ in Cheshire. Sarah jumped from a four-metre high ledge into a foam pit, and unexpectedly fractured her T12 vertebra.

She stated ‘I followed the instructions on the sign and landed in the seated position as suggested, but when I hit the foam, I heard a crack in my back and felt like I’d been winded. I was barely able to breathe and couldn’t shout for help so I had to throw some of the foam sponges in the air to get attention.’ Sarah was fitted with a back brace and only allowed to remove it to shower and sleep.

Since then three other people have suffered back injuries at the same attraction, which has since been closed.

Amusement Parks
Seventeen year old Robert Herron was one of five teenagers to suffer injuries after being thrown from a high speed ride called, ‘Move It’ in Scotland. Robert was left with blood gushing from his head after being thrown from the ride into a ticket booth.

He claims that staff were desperate to hush up the drama, and by way of compensation he was offered ‘free rides’. With the recent events of the past of the past year, it’s no surprise that amusement parks pose an obvious threat. In 2016 over 500 people were injured on funfair and theme park rides in the UK. Machines have errors, humans make errors- when you’re flying around at 20 feet in the air, this obviously becomes a huge issue.
Equestrian Centres
Horse Riding is often a part of many people’s lives and there’s no doubt it’s a thrilling hobby.

However, many people forget that horses are wild animals that have to to be broken in for us to actually ride them in the first place. Often paired with children and busy country roads, they’re huge animals that could flip at any time.

Jade South, 15 was crushed to death when the horse she was riding at her local equestrian centre somersaulted during a jump on a riding lesson. Despite wearing a helmet and body armour, when the horse fell on Jade, it’s sheer weight caused her to die almost immediately.

Although, most amusement and outdoor experience businesses are held to high standards of health and safety, things can, and do go wrong.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you’ve been put in danger you should make an immediate complaint to the event organiser. If you don’t feel their response or handling of the situation is adequate, report your concerns to the Health and Safety Executive (

If you’ve been injured partaking in an outdoor activity or amusement park, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries, and any time you’ve taken off work to recover. You can call us on 0800 085 88 85 for some free, no obligation advice.