The dangers of black market Botox

Statistics shown by the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons have revealed that 17 percent more procedures were carried out in the UK in recent years, more so we’ve been ranked 14 in the world for the number of plastic surgeons we have per capita. Botox has become a very common and in demand trend, a trend that has seen a rise in the black market industry some unjust professionals have taken advantage of.

Black market Botox is the first, and main concern. On the black market you cannot guarantee that the person administering your Botox is qualified, nor can you know whether what is being injected into your face can even legally be considered as Botox. Botox in the black market usually comes in two forms: Botox that has been imported for foreign use then reimported at a
cheaper price. The issue here is that you don’t know what has happened to the product whilst it’s been abroad. More worryingly, there is ‘copy cat’ botox, where a replica Botox is made, attempting to mimic products created by approved companies such as Allergen, these, by comparison, have little, or no regulations.

One person who infamously suffered the effects of black market botox was Rajee Narinesingh, a 48 year old woman from Florida. Narinesingh is transgender women, at the age of 14 she began on a series of hormones to change the appearance of her body. She decided though that this wasn’t enough, and wanted a more feminine face. In an attempt to achieve this she sought out someone in her neighborhood, who carried out a process called ‘pumping’, where silicone is pumped into localised areas.

She felt amazing at first, but what Narinesingh didn’t realise, was that she had payed someone that had no medical training, and who had used industrial grade silicone, also know as concrete. ‘About a year later I woke up one morning and the whole left side of my face had the feeling of a boil.’ ‘Then all of a sudden the left side of my face exploded and all this green matter came out. It splattered all over the mirror.’ The botched botox in her own words ruined her life, her self confidence become so low she was afraid to step outside the house.

Unfortunately, even when medically approved botox is used, if the wrong doctor is the one administering it, the effects can be just as damaging. 54 year-old carol Bryan stated that she felt like a monster, after a series of wrinkle correction procedures went horribly wrong. Bryan’s forehead became so weighed after the botched treatment that it affected her vision, eventually going blind in one eye.’I felt like a monster. I wore hats and scarves and sunglasses all the time, hoping I would someday finally be able to look in the mirror again and recognise myself.’

Both women eventually received corrective procedures, which came at great cost, and certainly could not ultimately reverse the affects of their botched botox, but did decrease the damage. Botox and other forms of cosmetic surgery can be a good thing, and when done right, can truly improve a person’s self-confidence. That is why, to reap the benefits of such procedures, it’s of paramount importance to ensure you go to a trained professional, who is using medically approved products.