The most common personal injury claims

The intention of a personal injury claim is to compensate those who have been injured or harmed by the wrongdoing of others. Compensation can be awarded for physical or emotional injuries, or damages like decreased wages or loss of employment. Through the litigation system, you can receive compensation for medical bills as well as for mental anguish, psychological trauma, pain and suffering and long-term trauma.

Personal injury falls into many different categories, and each claim has its own set of legal procedures and processes. Hiring the right personal injury lawyer can help you get the compensation you deserve and it’s important that when making your claim, you hire a personal injury lawyer who has experience in the particular area that concerns you.

Research suggests that approximately one in four adults in the UK has been victim to a personal injury at some time during their life. Below is a list of the most common personal injury claims that you could receive compensation for.

Road traffic Accidents
In 2016, close to 200,000 injuries were sustained by people in the UK as a result of road traffic incidents. No matter how cautious you are on the roads, unfortunately, you will always come into contact with those who aren’t as diligent as you are. These kinds of incidents occur due to a number of reasons, these can range from road maintenance negligence, intense weather condition, or distracted drivers. Always be sure to seek medical assistance- even if you feel fine, as you could be suffering from internal injuries that aren’t noticeable at first due to shock. Road traffic accidents continue to make up the largest percentage of personal injury claims.

Accidents at work
Employers have a legal obligation to make you aware of health and safety issues that affect you in the workplace. It is also their legal responsibility to report certain incidents- particularly ones where time off and sick pay were required(which you should also have access to.) In a situation where you have suffered from an accident at work, be sure to see a doctor in order that your injuries can be documented.

Accidents in a public space
This can depend upon the type of injury sustained, the circumstances surrounding the incident, and who was at fault. Though generally speaking, personal injury claims are usually the result of a situation where, had a retailer fulfilled their responsibility of keeping their premises safe for customers, no injury would have resulted in the first place. These type of claims are not always straightforward, though the decision should go in favour of the person who sustained the injury, there is evidence of negligence.

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