Dental negligence claims

Dental negligence claims

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Dental negligence

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Dental negligence claims

Understanding general and cosmetic dental claims

Our solicitors have handled a whole host of dental procedure claims,  ranging from the extraction of healthy teeth and negligent root canal surgery to complex dental restoration claims involving multiple implants and crowns. Cosmetic dentistry procedures are becoming increasingly popular and  these procedures can go terribly wrong. We are experienced in claims involving bespoke ‘smile designs’ with  dental implants, veneers, porcelain crowns and teeth whitening.

“Our dental negligence team are experienced in all types of dental  treatment. We understand that negligent treatment that leads to tooth loss or poor cosmetic results can have a devastating impact on a person and we can provide support from start to finish and recover the cost of corrective treatment.”

Russell Sutton, Senior Partner and Head of Dental Negligence.

Dental negligence claims

What can go wrong when undergoing a dental procedure?

There are a number of things that can go wrong when dentists are performing dental surgery. These mistakes can lead to consequences that massively impact the patient’s life.  That’s why our team of legal experts are here to help you claim compensation back for the injuries caused and the cost of the treatment you may require to restore your smile. The problems listed below can indicate dental negligence:

  • Inadequate root canal procedures
  • Dental implant failure
  • Extraction of the wrong tooth
  • Extraction of too many teeth
  • Failure to manage and treat tooth decay
  • Inadequate fillings
  • Poor crown or bridge work
  • Failure to manage gum  (periodontal) disease
  • Failure to offer all available treatment options

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Specialists in dental negligence claims

Why choose us for your dental negligence claim

We have specialised in dental negligence cases for many years, so our experienced team of legal experts can provide you with the guidance and support you need from start to finish. We understand that making a claim can be quite stressful that’s why we’ve developed a process causing the minimum hassle and disruption to your life.

Our trusted team led by partner, Russell Sutton, have achieved over a 95% success rates in cases pursued after obtaining medical evidence and as such we are well placed to help you succeed in your dental negligence claim. We pride ourselves on our depth of knowledge and the manner in which we work, making sure you have everything covered in order to make a full recovery of the compensation you both need and deserve.

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    Specialists in dental negligence claims

    We secured over £12,000 for a woman left with permanent damage after a wisdom tooth extraction

    Russell and his team acted for a lady who suffered from a severed inferior dental nerve during the attempted extraction of one of her lower wisdom teeth by a specialist surgeon she was referred to by her dentist. As a result of the nerve damage, our client suffered from numbness and loss of sensation in her lower lip which was permanent.

    Expert evidence was obtained to support a claim for negligence and the matter was settled within 18 months, without litigation, for over £12,000.

    Specialists in dental negligence claims

    Over £40,000 secured for a woman who had bridge work done to her upper teeth

    We acted for a lady who brought a claim against her dentist for negligent treatment surrounding a bridge she had placed, which she hoped would improve the appearance of her upper front teeth.
    Our client had healthy upper teeth and opted to have the bridge because she was unaware that in preparing the teeth for the bridge, her healthy teeth would be exposed to an increased risk of gum disease and decay and a significant amount of healthy tooth structure would have to be destroyed to bring about an acceptable cosmetic result.

    Extensive restorative treatment was required to correct the substandard treatment and we argued that further expensive treatment would be required in the future.
    Legal proceedings were issued and the matter settled, without trial, for over £40,000. The settlement included compensation for wasted past treatment, pain and suffering and future treatment costs.