Insurance Fraudsters Exposed on TV

BBC One’s latest show, Claimed and Shamed is set to expose travel insurance scammers along with their fraudulent schemes; with far-fetched travel insurance claims being discussed on the show by fraud specialist Simon Cook, the head of special investigations at claims and medical assistance group CEGA.

According to a report by Travel Weekly, Cook will highlight the harsh penalties for insurance fraudsters.

“Travel insurance fraudsters come from all walks of life and include doctors, celebrities and even solicitors, but I want to let potential fraudsters know that there is nowhere to hide and their scams will be uncovered in all four corners of the world.”

Travel Weekly reported that Cook and his UK team work with global investigators to uncover suspicious travel insurance claims that include fictitious deaths and muggings, false medical bills and doctor and patient collusions.

Cook and the probers employ detection techniques such as cognitive interviewing, face-to-face meetings and investigations of overseas medical centres, the report said.

Techniques used by insurers to identify and squash fraudulent claims are becoming more sophisticated by the day; making it a lot more likely the fraudulent claimants will be spotted and caught out. Prison terms and hefty court costs are fast becoming the norm for punishing offenders.

When submitting a claim for personal injury; always ensure that you tell the truth exactly how it happened; exaggerations of injuries and the like can easily land you in hot water along with losing the potential to claim for any legitimate injuries.