Fraudulent Claimant Jailed

A man from Milton Keynes has been imprisoned for 8 months for contempt of court after details of his fraudulent claim came to the courts attention.

Shaun Sturges brought a personal injury claim against Milton Keynes Council claiming that he had tripped over a defective drain cover, when in fact he had slipped on ice. Along with him, his daughter, Danielle was sentenced to 6 months, suspended for 1 year for supporting her father with his lies.

According to a release from the law firm acting against him, Shaun Sturges had signed court documents and a witness statement which he knew were not true and had lied to a medical expert about how the accident had happened. His daughter signed a witness statement which she also knew wasn’t true.

Sentencing Shaun Sturges to an immediate prison sentence, after he’d pleaded guilty to contempt, Judge Coe QC said: “There is high public interest in preventing fraud. This is not a victimless crime and a strong deterrent is needed.”

The Director of the firm acting for the council said “This sentence sends a strong message to the would-be fraudster. Shaun Sturges was handed an eight month custodial sentence and was sent immediately to prison, even though he had pleaded guilty to being in contempt of court and had discontinued his original claim which was of modest value.”

With custodial sentences being handed out to those who think its ok to lie to the courts in order to make claims for compensation the risks have never been higher. You run a high risk of being caught and punished to be made an example of with each and every fraudulent claim you make.