The Dog Breeds that cause the most injuries

When thinking of personal injuries, our mind usually wanders to car collisions, accidents at work, and medical negligence. What we don’t usually put animal attacks at the forefront.

Injuries caused by dog bites have risen by 76% in the last 10 years and the following list points out some dog breeds that are more likely than others to cause you harm.

Disclaimer – any dog breed in wrong hands is a potential danger. The Courts regularly hold the owners directly accountable for the actions of their pets.
Jack Russell
This dog’s origins lie in England 200 years ago, where they were bred to hunt foxes. They’re a lively, independent, clever dog and a great family dog. Due to these characteristics though, they’re a handful to train and when novice dog owners take on this breed, things can go wrong.

Jack Russell’s are small and as such, when they do attack the injuries they cause aren’t usually fatal, but when the victim is just as small, injuries can be serious.

In November, 2012 an 8 day old baby was killed by a single bite to the head by an unattended Jack Russell. Mother Hollie Jones, 19, wrote: ‘The dog got through a stair gate and picked the baby up. Horrible I know but you should never trust any dog.’
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Staffordshire Bull Terriers have consistently been one of the most popular choices of terriers around and for good reason. They are renowned for their eagerness to please and kind nature when around people, and are voted as one of the most popular family dogs year after year.

The issue with Staffordshire bull terriers is that they’re often used as guard dogs, this mixed with that eagerness to please can make this dog a weapon, a weapon that Vickilee Galloway, 37, chose to use on a Ms Stacey Findlay when they got into a conflict at a neighbor’s flat in February of last year.

Whilst attacking Ms Findlay, part of her ear was torn off in the horrific attack. After managing to escape the out-of-control dog continued its attack by tearing the ear off Brian Pennie. Both victims had parts of their ears missing and required hospital treatment.
Pitbull terrier
These dogs are another breed that are often used as bait/ defence dog’s. They’re difficult to train but when done right can be perfectly loving and loyal. Pit bulls are on the official list of banned dogs but individual assessments can be carried out to see if owners are responsible enough to keep them. Assessments that clearly need to be ran more vigilantly after three pit bulls injured a Port Elizebeth man so badly, that he was left fighting for his life with his left arm later needing amputation.
German Shepard
The UK’s most popular breed of dog is the German Shepherd. They’re intelligent, faithful and a capable working dog used in the military and police force, whilst seemingly being able to excel in whatever they’re trained in.

German Shepherds, however, are also known to be a little skittish. Lona Manson from Birmingham found this out when her own German Shepherd puppy ‘suddenly flipped’, tearing off part of her face – Lona needed two hours of facial reconstruction surgery and more than 50 stitches following the attack.