Gang On Trial for 41 Staged Crashes

A gang alleged to have been the masterminds behind 41 fake car accidents ranging from 2012 – 2013 have been put on trial at Nottingham Crown Court today.  Thegang habe been accused of running a ‘crash for cash’ conspiracy with prosecutors … Continued

Man Loses Leg in Jaguar Factory Accident

A man has been left with an amputated leg after being crushed at a Jaguar Land Rover plant and has now spoken of his sadness at how he will never dance again. In February 2015, Mark Widnall was carrying out vehicle checks whilst standing between … Continued

Compensation for Cyclists Could be Due to Change

Government proposals that could leave cyclists with hefty legal bills when seeking compensation for injuries have been condemned by a solicitor specialising in representing cyclists.  The blogger and solicitor, known as The Cycling Solicitor, has spoken of the proposals, which will … Continued

Insurance Fraudsters Exposed on TV

BBC One’s latest show, Claimed and Shamed is set to expose travel insurance scammers along with their fraudulent schemes; with far-fetched travel insurance claims being discussed on the show by fraud specialist Simon Cook, the head of special investigations at claims … Continued

Fraudulent Claimant Jailed

A man from Milton Keynes has been imprisoned for 8 months for contempt of court after details of his fraudulent claim came to the courts attention. Shaun Sturges brought a personal injury claim against Milton Keynes Council claiming that he … Continued

Telematics Data Disproves Fraudulent Claim

An insurance company has proven the value of having telematics installed in your vehicle by using it to disprove a fraudulent claim; saving itself over £50,000 in the process. Insurance firm, Insure The Box used telematics data to identify a … Continued

Brexit and Personal Injury Claims

Its fair to say that our departure from the EU caught many people in the UK off guard; with the legal industry across the nation a little lost at the same time. It’s left a lot of people asking what … Continued

Technology Saving Car Insurers

Black boxes have seen a dramatic rise in use across the UK in the last few years as more and more insurers offer them to drivers in return for cheaper insurance. People are led to believe that the black boxes … Continued

Personal Injury Texts and Calls Top 82000 per hour

Before we begin, we think its necessary to let you know that we as a law firm and provider of personal injury legal services do not partake in cold calls or texts in order to gain new business. New research … Continued

Driverless Cars and Personal Injury

The news of the death of Joshua Brown has brought about a number of legal concerns for the future of driverless cars, and who is to blame when the technology fails and people get injured. Joshua Brown was the sole … Continued