Most Dangerous Countries to Visit as a UK tourist

Some countries will offer a better tourist experience than others. The World Economic Forum release reports which analyse the climate of the travel and tourism sectors in 136 countries around the globe. With this, comes a safety rating for each … Continued

The five most common workplace injuries

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The truth behind Personal Injury

Whether it be a woman receiving millions in compensation after being burnt by her Mcdonald’s coffee, or rising cases of ‘crash for cash’ fraudulent claims- it’s fair to say that the Personal Injury industry is one with a tainted reputation. … Continued

Sports which will cause you the most injuries

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Industries that lead to the most injuries

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How could social media affect your personal injury claim?

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The dangers of black market Botox

Statistics shown by the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons have revealed that 17 percent more procedures were carried out in the UK in recent years, more so we’ve been ranked 14 in the world for the number of plastic … Continued

Crash for Crash fraudulent claims

We’ve seen a huge rise in ‘crash for cash’ claims, with Aviva reporting in excess of £110 million worth of fraudulent claims in 2013, almost 20% up on 2012, all this whilst reporting 45 fraudulent claims everyday. Taking these figures … Continued